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Jingles, Top 40, Airchecks and related radio websites:
Subscription based ReelRadio.Com website dedicated to the glory days
of Top-40 radio.  The site includes airchecks, jingles and other radio
related materials.  Jingles.Org is hosted by ReelRadio.

One of the many sites of Ben Freedman Productions. Based in Dallas,
Ben produces ID jingles over Gwinsound tracks and his own
custom tracks   Ben also has a series of generic production
series known as Instant Radio Station and PromoBank.

The website of legendary producer Chuck Blore.
Chuck currently produces advertising concepts/campaigns.
GMI Media's Website.  GMI, located in Seattle,
produces both radio ID and ad jingles.

Based in Los Angeles, Groove Addicts produces TV Themes,
Movie Scores, Radio ID Jingles and even has a division
that runs A&R for signed artists to their PulseEight record label.

JAM Creative Productions in Dallas has produced radio ID
jingles for over 30 years.  With jingles produced for radio
stations in many countries (and many languages), JAM is
known for their "big sound" productions and a consistant product.

Johnny Mann was responsible for the vocals used on the famous
"Boss Radio" acapellas and jingles starting in 1965.  Johnny still
produces ID jingles utilizing some of L.A.'s top-notch vocalists.

Zone Radio Imaging is Bruce Upchurch and Bob Shannon's
approach to ID Jingles and other musical identifications.

N2 Effect Productions produces contemporary radio ID packages
and also a news campaign package for Fox News affiliates.

The legendary PAMS Productions produced syndicated ID jingles
from 1951 to 1978.  These cuts are still sung today with authentic
sounding Dallas vocals added to the original backing tracks.

Seattle's ReelWorld creates contemporary radio ID jingles.
JonesTM is a combination of two old-time jingle companies
and the other jingle houses they sucked up along the way.  In
addition to creating radio IDs, JonesTM provides other
services for radio stations including commercial library services.
Thompson Creative syndicates radio jingles and promo
music in addition to Tom Kent's Hall Of Fame - Coast To Coast
program.  Larry Thompson is also sought-after to voice radio commercials.
Tony Griffin Productions has been a syndicator of radio
ID jingles for over fifteen years.  In addition, they
produce custom (and syndicated) commercial jingles..

Ed Brouder's Man From Mars Productions specializes
in the sale of hard-to-find airchecks.  Ed also runs
a tribute site to Hartford's WDRC radio.

Rick Kelly's Northeast Airchecks presents a variety of streaming
audio exhibits from radio stations in the northeast (as the name implies).
Oldradio.com's mission is to find and share information about
the pioneer broadcast radio stations and current industry
issues, as well as links and  references to other locations
containing accurate materials on broadcasting.

Dan Fissel's Custom Music - Jingles, Commercial
Soundtracks, Production Music Beds.

With a mission to bring creative musical integrity into the world
of advertising, Sound Advantage was created in 1993 by Barry Volk.

From the UK, JingleMad is an interactive website designed for the
jingle enthusiast.  Many forums exist for those wanting to share
their jingle finds or ask about different companies products.
JingleNews is an enthusiasts website that post updates
on the latest happenings in the radio ID jingles business.

JingleWeb.Com is run by The Dutch "Society Radio
Jingles & Themes".  The society produces an
ongoing series of jingle compilations.
Mark Hodgkinson's Jingle Collector Site
Pete Wilson's Jingle Collector Site
Tommy Loy (1930-2002) played a significant roll in the Dallas
jingle scene.  As both an engineer and a musician,
Tommy was involved from the industry's infancy though its
glory years.  This webpage is a biographical tribute to Mr. Loy.

KYA Boss Radio:  Just Like It Was - Hosted by Chris Edwards
Steve Geisler's WQAM tribute website.

A collection of goodies from
Media Preservation Foundation
housed at ReelRadio.Com

Norman Barrington's Radio Pages. 
Norman is one of Britain's
premier jingle collectors.

Rhythm Ireland - Affordable Radio Jingles,
Liners, Voiceovers & Productions