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Don Worsham has written THE HITS BETWEEN THE HITS: THE HISTORY OF ID JINGLES.  This book takes you into the jingle industry's infancy, exploring many of the jingle companies from their humble beginnings through the nineteen ninties.  This book is a must-have for every jingle collector.  In addition, the book includes a bonus CD containing audio examples of many jingle productions!  Priced at $37.50 (plus shipping), you will enjoy this addition to your library.


       Acknowledgements:        3
       PREFACE:        9
1        Why Dallas?
2        "The Maverick Of Radio"
3        KLIF-1190        20
4        PAMS        22
5        Tom Merriman        25
6        TOP 40 RADIO        29
7        Commercial Recording Corporation (CRC)
8        Johnson and Siday        35
9        Competiton: CRC and PAMS        40
10        1956: Durrett Productions        46
11        IMN: 1958        49
12        Syndication: Nashville, LA and New York City in 1958        51
13        CRC and PAMS 1958        56
14        FUTURESONIC: 1958        59
15        PAMS and CRC: 1959 CHANGES        63
16        1960        67
17        John Pepper: Memphia        73
18        Jingle Recording Studios of the 1960s        76
19        How To Create A Jingle Package        81
20        The Early 60s        85
21        Peter Frank: The New Guy        90
22        The New Dallas        96
23        Trouble at FUTURESONIC        100
24        Peter Frank: The King of Jingles        105
25        The Year: 1963        108
26        New York and Los Angeles changes by 1963        113
27        Pepper Grows        115
28        PAMS and WABC        118
29        PFO ULLMAN: The Finish        121
30        1964-1965: Changes and New Companies        123
31        Boss Radio        137
32        Modern Country Radio        143
33        After Boss and Country:  Changes in Dallas        145
34        A new SPOT        154
35        The Start of TM PRODUCTIONS
36        Acapellas Jingles, Cracks at PAMS and The "X" Dimension: 
       How To Play A Studio        161
37        Ten Tracks and Grids        167
38        TOTAL SOUND and the end of CRC        170
39        IRI and MCI        172
40        End of SPOT        174
41        Ed and Peggy Davis:  SHOWCASE PRODUCTIONS of Dallas        178
42        Into the 70s: TM and PAMS        180
43        DRAKE and TM - Radio Changes in the 70s        187
44        The Independents: Coming and Going        190
45        TOTAL SOUND and GWIN        SOUND        192
46        PAMS: Early 70s        196
47        1970s: Jon Wolfert; CENTURY 21; Dick Starr; Jodie Lyons; PARMA PRODUCTIONS        212
48        Pepper Tanner, William B. Tanner, Thunder Productions,
       The Sundance Organization and Chris Kershaw        219
49        JAM        223
50        The End Of An Era:  PAMS is sold        228
51        Into the 1980s:  JAM        235
52        Into the 1980s:  PEPPER TANNER and WILLIAM B. TANNER
53        Into the 1980s:  CENTURY 21        247
54        Into the 1980s:  TM PRODUCTONS        250
55        Into the 1980s:  Jodie Lyons, Toby Arnold, Tuesday Productions,
       Peters Productions, Gwinsound, Otis Conner, Johnny Mann, FirstCom,
       KershawWest, Hugh Heller and FairWest        256
56        Into the 1980s:  The End of The Syndicated Format and The Beginning of Satellite Radio        269
57        Into the 1980s:  KenR Inc, Ken R. Deutsch, WAY Radio and Ben Freedman        273
58        Into the 1990s:  JAM; Who owns PAMS?; Century 21 and TM Productions merge        281
59        Into the 1990s:  JAM  288
60        Into the 1990s:  Thompson Creative, Ben Freedman Productions,
       Regal Studios and Tony Griffin Productions        290
61        Into the 1990s:  Los Angeles and Seattle        301
62        Who Owns PAMS settled        307
63        Radio in the 1990s and 21st Century        312
64        The Top Ten Best Jingles Ever Made        318
65        Where Are The Old Jingles?        320
66        The New Millennium        323
       Post Script:  Passings        325
       Suggested Readings        326

The book's full TABLE OF CONTENTS may be downloaded here in AdobeAcrobat format.
    About The Author:

Don Worsham is an independent mixer, audio engineer and audio consultant based in Los Angeles. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1966. Los Angeles has been his home since 1977. Don's work as an audio mixer for television has earned him 6 Emmy Awards and 25 Emmy nominations.

            His most recent credits include:
$37.50 Plus $6.00 Shipping in the USA
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Rolling Stone Live Rolling Stones "Licks World Tour"*        HBO

*(2003 Emmy Nomination)      

2003 Grammy Awards                                        CBS

Fox Live New Years Eve                                        FOX

Tim McGraw "Sing Me Home"                                CBS

Miss AMERICA                                                ABC

Music In High Places                                        MTV/Direct

  Radio has always been in Don's blood. His first job was as an unpaid announcer at non-commercial WICR radio in Indianapolis in 1964. He was to go on in 1965 to work at WFMS, one of the first stereo FM broadcasters in the United States and WSMJ in Greenfield, Indiana (now WZPL).

He attended Ball State University in Muncie Indiana from 1966 to 1968. While there, he majored in Radio and Television studying under Dr.Darrell Wible. He was a member of the team that started WAGO, a campus carrier current AM radio station.  While attending Ball State, he worked weekends at Top-40 WERK then under the direction of Bill (Poorman) Shirk.

A change in major at Ball State led Don to finish out the college years of 1968-1970 at Indiana University where he earned a Bachelors of  Science in Business. During this two-year period he worked as a news photographer at WISH-TV in Indianapolis and at WIUS, the commercial campus AM carrier current station in Bloomington, Indiana.      

During his college years, and after, he remained active with community radio in Indianapolis.

In 1970, Don started working as an audio mixer and audio engineer for National Teleproductions, an Indianapolis based television facility  company and program producer. This turn away from radio to "Radio With Pictures" was the result of his radio experience, technical knowledge of audio and his experience at WISH-TV.        

Radio jingles have always been an interest of Dons. This grew out of the synergy of radio and Don's interest in music. He is classically trained on trumpet. His musical background has served him well. Over half of his work includes recording and mixing music for television.

In conversations with Tracy Carman, Executive Director of the Media Preservation Foundation, it was clear that most of the information concerning the ID industry was verbal, an oral history, and seemed to contain as much contradiction as fact and a lot of missing pieces.      

It was no accident that Don, after a job in Dallas in 1992, had additional time on his hands. This started the ten year long research project that was to become "The Hits Between The Hits".
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