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Media Preservation Foundation downloadable .mp3 files are examples of jingle packages from a  variety of producers and time periods.

From time to time the Media Preservation Foundation will produce, for sale, compact discs containing some of these recordings. However, the recordings are not the property of the Media Preservation Foundation. They remain under the control of either the original owners or current rights holders. We are both proud and grateful to be able to produce these compact discs containing materials that are of popular items or important works.

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3DB Melbourne, Australia - PAMS Series 18 "Sonosational"

4BH - PAMS Assortment

7LA & 2AY - PAMS Series 42A "The Igniters"

ABC Radio Networks - PAMS News Logos

American Forces Radio - TM "Shockwave" basic cuts

Barry I. Carman - JAM Asst Acapellas

Barry I. Carman - PAMS Asst Resings

Barry I. Carman - Tony Griffin Productions "Winning Formula" (December 2004)

BBC Radio Two - PAMS 1974 Custom

BRMB-FM - TM Custom (Dec 10, 1990)

Channel 8 TV - TM's Christmas Postcards (November 4, 1987)

CHML Hamilton - TM "Classic Oldies" (July 9, 1990)

CJRC Ottawa, CN - PAMS Series 42 feat. Celine Dessault on lead vocals (March 10, 1972)

CKKS Vancouver, BC - CPMG/PAMS Series 25 "Happy Difference" & 27 "The Jet Set" (Jan 25, 1990)

CRC Series 31

FairWest Productions - XMAS Cuts Composite 12/1983

FM802 - TMCI Custom (3/12/1990)

FM Ishikawa - Tanner "Great Music And You" / TM "Crusin"

Futuresonic DJ Themes

JAM "Magic Music" cuts for WWYZ Waterbury, CT & WIOF Waterbury, CT

Jim West's Holiday Music feat. Dallas jingle singers

JOFV FM802 Japan - TM "Winning Score" & "Image '73"

Joseph P. Cuff's "Q-Cuts"

KCBQ San Diego, CA - TM 1972 Asst

KCBQ San Diego, CA - PAMS WLS'76 Pkg

KDKA Pittsburgh, PA - PAMS 1969 Custom

KDKA Pittsburgh, PA - TM 1973 Asst

KFRC San Francisco, CA - PAMS Energy One Jock Cuts
KFWB Los Angeles, CA - PAMS Series 29 Custom

KGW Portland, OR - PAMS 28x w/local production
KGW Portland, OR - PAMS 28x Outtakes

KITY San Antonio, TX - PAMS Custom

KLCI Boise, ID - FairWest "Hit Sounds I" (March 10, 1984)

KLIF Dallas, TX - Jodie Lyons "Lively Ones"

KLIF Dallas, TX - TM Composite (All Male Vocals)

KLVE Los Angeles, CA - TM Spanish Custom (Nov 19, 1987)

KOMA Oklahoma City, OK - CPMG/PAMS Cuts

KOOK Billings, MT - TM "You Gotta Listen To Talk" (Feb 28, 1983)

KPEL Lafayette, LA - PAMS Series 17 "New Frontier"

KRLD Dallas, TX - William Meeks Productions Custom

KSTP St. Paul, MN - Futuresonic Productions Custom (1961)

KWHB Tulsa, OK - PAMS Series 39 "Sherwood Series" & "Memory Bank"

KWOC Poplar Bluff, MO - PAMS Assortment

KHYL Sacramento, CA - TM "Penetrators" (05/26/1988)

KVOO Tulsa, OK - TM "America's Country" Pkg (05/19/1988)

KVUU Colorado Springs, CO - TM "KTKS Custom" (November 4, 1987)

Music Street Productions - TM "Winning Score" (Nov 17, 1987)

Oz Radio Indonisia - TM Composite (June 4, 1990)

PAMS 1976 Auld Lang Syne self-serving acapella

PAMS - Assorted cuts remixed from the multitracks

PAMS - Assorted Christmas cuts

PAMS Pied Piper syndicated versions

PAMS Sig Samples - 1964

PAMS "We'll Be Back...Just For You" Series 46 Promo

RTE/2FM - TM Assortment (May 19, 1990)

Sirius Standard Time - TM "America's Best"

TM "Custom Combination" WNOK Columbia, SC (Sept 17, 1982) & WKZX Knoxville, TN (Sept 22, 1982)

Tony Griffin Productions - Misc Composite

Tracy E. Carman - PAMS Series 33 "Fun Vibrations" (May 1988)

Tracy E. Carman - PAMS Series 44 "Music's On Us" Stepper cut (May 1988)
Moog Only mix
Precussion Heavy Mix

The Sundance Organization's "Back To Basics"

The Sundance Organization's "Quick Shots"

WABC New York, NY - PAMS Custom cuts for Harry Harrison

WABC New York, NY - PAMS/JAM Composite

WAYS Charlotte, NC - PAMS Series 30 "The 'N Set"

WBZ Boston, MA - PAMS Series 28 "Happiness Is" (Look Alive cut)

WCAU Philadelphia, PA - TM Custom (Oct 1989)

WCAU-AM Philadelphia, PA - TM WBZ Pkg (Aug 26, 1986) Stereo

WCBS-FM New York, NY - PAMS "WCAU-FM Grid (Goldmine)"

WCOZ Boston, MA - JAM "Best Show"

WFLM Crown Point, IN - PAMS "Stereo Island"

WFIL Philadelphia, PA - TM Misc

WFUN Miami, FL - PAMS Series 33 "Fun Vibrations"

WGAN Portland, ME - Continental Prod's ENFORCER demo

WHB Kansas City, MO - PAMS Series 26 "Let's Go America" & 18 "Sonosational"

WHBB Selma, AL - PAMS Series 32 "Swiszle", 35 "The All Sound", 31 "Music Explosion" and 41 "Music Radio"

WHDH Boston, MA - TM Composite

WHYN Springfield, MA - Joseph P. Cuff "Image II"
WHYN Springfield, MA - PAMS 1969 Custom Grid

WHYN Springfield, MA - PAMS Series 33 "Fun Vibrations" & 40 "The Changes"

WHYN-FM Springfield, MA - JAM Composites
Set #1
Set #2

WHTX Pittsburgh, PA - TM "PowerPlay"
WIBC Indianapolis, IN - FairWest "Comforts Of Home" cut

WIBG Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Mann cuts

WIP Philadelphia, PA - Continental Prod's WIP Pkg Demo
WIZD Mobile, AL - TM's 13 days of Christmas (w/outtake cut) (November 24, 1987)

WKCI Hampden, CT - JAM Composite

WKKO Toledo, OH - PAMS Series 27 "The Jet Set" Remix/Edit by Tracy Carman
WLOF Orlando, FL - PAMS 1971 Composite

WMAQ Chicago, IL - Pepper-Tanner "The Good Life" Remix (May 7, 1969)

WMGK Philadelphia, PA - JAM Custom (July 1985)

WMGU Stevens Point, WI - TM "Prime Image I" (05/24/1988)

WMIL Milwaukee, WI - TM "KZLA Pkg" (June 3, 1988)

WNAP Indianapolis, IN - FairWest Electronic Pkg

WNBH New Bedford, MA - TM KNBR Pkg (March 5, 1984)

WNLK Norwalk, CT - TM Composite

WNSR Nashville, TN - TM's Christmas Pkg (November 17, 1987)

WODS Boston, MA - JAM

WOGL Philadelphia, PA - TMCI "WAXY Pkg"

WPLJ New York, NY - HLC Killer Music 1990-91 Customs

WPLJ New York, NY - JAM Composites
Set #1
Set # 2

WPLJ New York, NY - TMCI Custom (1/20/1991)

WPTF Raliegh, NC - TM "Sounds Like" ReReReDo (Feb 28, 1983)

WRAL Raliegh, NC - Regal Studios Custom package

WROK Rockford, IL - PAMS Energy One

WRVU Nashville, TN - PAMS Composite

WTAR Norfolk, VA - TM "KPRC Custom"

WTIC Hartford, CT - TM Custom

WTOC Savanah, GA - PAMS "WCAU-FM Grid (Goldmine)"

WTVA Tupelo, MS - TM "Spirit" Pkg (05/18/1988)

WTVX West Palm Beach, FL - TM Century (September 1990)

WVAM Altoona, PA - TM's "Freedom" Cuts (November 5, 1987)

WVNJ Teaneck, NJ - TM "America's Best"

WYNY New York, NY - TM's Logo Audition Acapellas (November 17, 1987)

WXYZ Detroit, MI - PAMS 1967 Custom
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