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F u n   S t u f f - Part Two
T H E     C O L L E C T I O N :
Most jingle collectors will recognize the names of these five singers who performed as "The Collection", a major metropolitan city singing group that, when not singing either together or with others at various Dallas jingle producers, would appear together to sing at Dallas area clubs or provide the entertainment at area functions.

Brian Beck started at FUTURSONIC and was a key part of their "Versatiles" vocal group. Susan McKune was from Tom Merriman's CRC and later the voice of many PAMS acapella jingles. Jim Clancy is THE bass voice of jingles. Glenni Tai is known for her soaring featured vocals in PAMS Jet Set Series #27. Dan Alexander is one of the first Dallas jingle singers. He spent many years at PAMS and later JAM.

The group provided vocals for all of SPOT Productions jingle packages starting with Series #33 "The Experience".

Paris Rutherford, a well respected and gifted writer/arranger, was responsible for much of FUTURSONIC's writing and arranging, having contributed to FUTURSONIC's best package "Days Of The Week." He was given creative control at SPOT, doing most of the writing and arranging after SPOT moved to Dallas from Ft Worth in 1967.

The Media Preservation Foundation has SPOT Series #39 "Country King" KFOX on our audio exhibit area. This was SPOT's next to last package and one of their best. These guys and gals could really sing!